Building a Real Estate Team to Increase Customer Service

The idea of a real estate team is a relatively progressive concept for the real estate industry.  Unlike other professional occupations, Realtors have stubbornly clung to traditional notions like "only I can service my clients properly" and "if you want it done right do it yourself."  Apparently lawyers, dentists, accountants and doctors didn't have these types of limiting beliefs, yet their respective professions have such high standards of care that they must carry malpractice insurance.  So why do they recklessly throw customer service to the wind and attempt to succeed through others?
They don't.  In fact, smart professionals know that by employing the services of others they are able to provide a much higher level of customer service to their clients.  The agent that operates a real estate team may have a transaction coordinator always available by phone in front of a computer and buyer's specialists ready on the spot to answer sign calls.  All the while the individual agent is unavailable while on another listing appointment, showing property or on a vacation cruise.  
How Real Estate Teams Help Agents to Better Serve their Clients

Traditional agents that find themselves overwhelmed might consider implementing the Three L's of Real Estate and put the same effort that they put into customer service into growing and training their team members to do the same.  Imagine how a cohesive unit with specialized job descriptions can enhance the service provided to clients!    

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