Real Estate Team Building - Hire Administrative Support in Advance of the Need

"If it is to be, it is up to me." - If you have made the decision to build your real estate team, then commit to the idea and start acting like you need a talented team around you. You should never make a hire until you already have more business than you can handle. So if you can committ to proactively attempting to generate business on a systematic and continuous basis over time it is realistic to assume that you will need the help of other people to continue lead generating in the future.  

Agents that don't hire in advance of the need will often wait until they are far too busy to make an effective hire. They hire out of emergency to avert a crisis rather than hire strategically to grow a business. If you want to be a top producing agent, you must learn that you are only as good as your last hire. So its important that you make and take the time to be selective so that you don't end up pushing the panic button and hiring your cousin that just happens to need a job right now.
Hiring Administrative Support for your Real Estate Team
in Advance of the Need
If you want your next hire to be talented, please understand that the liklihood that this person is already waiting on your doorstep for a job is slim. Just like with business, you will need to proactively look for talent. Accept that this will take time away from your exisitng business until you recruit, hire and train this talented individual.  So you must constantly remind yourself that this person will ultimately provide you with the extra time to grow your business beyond your existing limits.

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