Using the Three L's to Increase Real Estate Production

Have you ever reached that point in your real estate career where you feel like you're too busy to take on any more business without sacrificing personal time, customer service, your health, family or maybe other relationships?  Many agents hit a natural ceiling of achievement like this repeatedly over the course of their career.  A career filled with too much business, then not enough business, then too much business again, etc., can slowly instill a limiting belief that the only formula to increase business is: Work + Time = Money.
Fortunately this is not the only algebraic equation that applies to real estate production.  Depending on your current production levels, sources of business, and goals, we can utilize the "Three L's" to diagnose your business and create a quick action plan to raise your natural ceiling of achievement without eroding your personal life.
Increasing Real Estate Production
- The Three L's - 

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