How Top Realtors Focus on Personal Growth

Self-managed real estate agents are learning based individuals who understand that in order to grow they must first get uncomfortable to get comfortable with a new task or skill. This often becomes a matter of attitude. They optimistically seek solutions with an abundant mindset that welcomes the difficulty associated with learning new things. If an agent is constantly instilled with this positive philosophy of achieving personal growth by tackling tough problems they will develop a habit of getting into uncomfortable spaces to master them. 
They free themselves from the shackles of limiting beliefs that oppress so many agents with excuses, justifications and blame.  Rather than behaving like victims they take ownership of the situation and quickly ascertain what it is that they CAN do to remedy the outcome.
How Top Producing Agents Embrace a
Learning Based Mindset to Succeed in Real Estate 
Ever notice that top producing agents who consistently handle the most real estate transactions are the ones that have time to attend real estate training, coaching and other educational events?  Conversely, its those agents that don't have as much business who regularly declare themselves "too busy" to take time to learn.  Similarly, high-volume agents always seek to learn, improve and grow, while others use excuses like "I already know about that" and "I can't afford it."  It would seem that successful agents are the ones that shouldn't have the time nor need to learn since they already know what it takes to succeed.

The difference really comes down to mindset.  Top producers generally operate from a mindset of abundance.  They are always looking for ways to improve their lives and businesses.  The less fortunate Realtors deal in scarcity, always focused on problems and reasons why they can't do something.  Fortunately, this is where real estate agents actually have a choice.  Success is a decision that one makes. The key is to commit to that decision and not change your mind. So what will it be, scarcity or abundance?    

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