Social Media's Impact on Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Professionals continuously emphasize the importance of customer service as a primary focus of their businesses. So based on the statistics provided by Postling.com in the graphic below, wouldn't it be safe to say that real estate agents that fail to utilize social media as a part of their everyday practices are not providing the level of customer service to their clients that those engaged in social media are?

Clearly the days of shrugging off the need to learn and implement the various social media options due to the limiting conclusion that social media is a way to "waste time" and "play at work", are diminishing.  Experts agree that learning to utilize social media in a manner that drives business to agents and their clients represents the most significant difference that agents can use to separate themselves from the competition today.  This trend is likely to do nothing but continue to grow into the future. So ignore the fact that others may waste time "playing" with social media - you don't have to.