Agents: If You are not Selling Real Estate in this Market, When Will You?

The mind works in mysterious ways.  Although we may not know how or why our mindset forms in the ways it does, we can at least be aware of it occurring.  This couldn't be more important for real estate agents.  The real estate market has always rotated through cycles that create ever-shifting atmoshperes in which agents must continue to run their businesses. If agents fail to shift their mindsets and businesses approaches in a timely fashion, catastrophic consequences could result.

A great example can be gleaned for the real estate boom that occurred in the United States between the years 2002 and 2006.  You might hear agents that are veterans of the real estate boom reminisce about how easy the business was then and how successful real estate agents were when prices climbed continuously and houses sold before a "For Sale" sign could even be placed in the ground. Yet by zooming back in time we might remember agents complaining about the lack of homes available for their clients to purchase, seller's being unwavering in their negotiation demands, and buyer's repeatedly losing out in continuous multiple-offer contests to purchase a home. Back then, many agents yearned for the market to "go back to normal" and for the craziness to end.

Shortly thereafter, the market shifted and prices began to steadily decline. Buyers were few and far between and homes were available everywhere. Now homebuyers could purchase any home they wanted without fear of multiple offers or stingy sellers. Once again, many agents lamented the troubled times we were in and couldn't wait for the market to turn around so that they could succeed in their businesses.

Now here we are in 2012, the market is shifting once again into a strong seller's market.  Many agents are spending their days complaining about a lack of housing inventory and not getting offers accepted. Sound familiar?

You see, our mindset can erroneously follow the same cycles as the real estate market if we are not careful.  The key to breaking free of the mental shackles that prohibit success is amazingly simple: Do your business by Design, not by Default. If an agent relies on the market to bring success, the result will almost always be failure. However, if real estate practitioners embrace the current market for what it is and adjust their businesses accordingly without focusing on the negative aspects, they can take advantage of the market while the majority wallow in discontent.

What you focus on almost always expands. So by focusing on the opportunity rather than the problems an agent can experience a spurt of professional growth that can positively impact a career forever.  Just run your business by design, leave the default to others.