Structuring a Real Estate Team for Customer Service

Adam Butler of the Adam Butler Real Estate Team has learned that he does not need to sacrifice customer service to generate over $30 million in sales volume annually.  In fact, his entire team is centrally focused on making the client's experience a better one.  Often time Realtors refrain from starting real estate teams for fear that other people will not be able to provide the same level of service to customers that the lead agent expects.  However, Adam has found the truth to be quite the opposite.
"It is virtually impossible for an individual agent like myself to provide the same level of service to clients than a high-functioning team can." - Adam Butler
The Adam Butler Team's focus on a client-first mentality ensures that customer service permeates the team's thinking. Even the team's job titles scream customer service: Client Care Specialist, Listing Specialist, Marketing Specialist & Buyer's Agents.  Just more people to market your home, respond to your concerns and show your home to prospective buyers.  How could another individual agent's "personal touch" listing presentation compete?  In the following video Adam explains the roles that each member of his team plays, and how they work together in a successful manner.
The Structure of The Adam Butler Real Estate Team
Brian Icenhower interviews Adam Butler to learn
about his team's "client-first" structure.