3 Ways to Sell More Real Estate on Facebook

So you still think social media is a waste of time that distracts real estate agents from actually working?  You might want to think again.  Here's how Angela Brown uses 3 simple strategies on Facebook to generate over $7 million in total real estate sales volume annually.
The key to regularly staying in touch with Facebook friends without annoying them is more about listening than just frequent posting.  Angela systematically scans her newsfeed while listening for ways to engage and interact with friends.
"When I meet people in person for the first time they frequently tell me that they feel as if they already know me because of Facebook." - Angela Brown
Angela stresses that real estate agents should post content that's relationship driven and not a constant attempt to sell friends real estate.  No one likes to be spammed, so focus on relationship building instead.  Angela primarily posts about her personal life while only occasionally reminding her audience that she is a realtor.
One of the most effective ways to engage others on Facebook is to promote interactive contests.  Angela creates massive interest around her annual client calendar giveaway by entering everyone that posts a "selfie" with the Angela Brown Team Calendar on Facebook in a raffle. 
"Several people will message me to provide me with their contact information just to be entered into the contest. They are literally asking me to be included in my database." - Angela Brown
Angela explains how she creates massive interest by promoting every aspect of the contest in the following video:

Watch as Brian Icenhower Interviews Angela Brown
Whether it be her annual Christmas Party or Halloween Pumpkin Patch, the Angela Brown Team understands that marketing and talking about the event on Facebook is just as important has holding the event itself. 
"Hosting a successful event develops existing relationships, but promoting the event is often what generates new clients." - Angela Brown
For example, Angela's neighborhood pumpkin patch promotion begins days in advance with posts of her filling the yard with pumpkins, followed by multiple posts advertising the different games & food for the whole family to enjoy.  Of course the event itself is publicized.  Even following the event she posts some of the "Fall Family Photos" the she takes in front of the hay bails and pumpkins backdrop as a courtesy for all attendees.
So even though her friends are regularly reminded that Angela Brown is a real estate agent, they never feel that she is constantly trying to sell them something.  Instead, they admire her marketing creativity while they continue to develop online relationships with her.