5 Ways Realtors can use Video to Increase Business

I've been fortunate to have worked with many creative and technologically savvy agents over the years that have discovered how to generate a significant amount of business by increasing their online presence.  They have found that by including video on their social media networks, in client database emails, on agent websites & blogs, in listing presentations and through a variety of other existing digital mediums, they can generate more clients and provide them better service.

Why Video?

It is well established that video is now one of the most effective means of enhancing search engine optimization (SEO).  In turn, an agent properly utilizing video will be more likely noticed by search engines when  88% of buyers begin their search for a house online.  Further, incorporating video is remarkably easy, inexpensive, creative, entertaining, re-useable and proof positive that an agent will go above and beyond to market property for sale.  Let's examine five creative ways that agents I have coached are now using video to grow their businesses.

1.   Hyper-Local Marketing

Real estate agents must demonstrate that they have local knowledge. They must show that they are experts in their particular locations who understand the subtle differences between neighborhoods, school districts, community events, organizations and local people.  Plus, buyers search for homes in a particular location, so content that pertains to that particular location is more likely to be noticed by search engines. 

 Jillian Bos gets Hyper-Local

2.   Marketing Property for Sale

An agent that demonstrates the willingness to go the extra mile to market property online, through social media, or in a listing presentation can quickly distinguish his or herself from the general agent population.  With video capabilities now included on most smart phones and the ease of Youtube, the process has become quite simple.

Erik Anderson Markets a Listing for Sale

3.   Promoting the Agent's Business

For a mere five dollars spent on fiverr.com real estate agents can have creative videos made that can be used to promote the agent's business on agent websites, in email campaigns, on social media channels and in client presentations.

their Real Estate Team

4.   Client Testimonials

Nothing builds trust and provides credibility like a client testimonial, unless of course it's a client testimonial video.  A viewer's ability to see and hear satisfied clients truly enhances the experience. KW Tulare & Kings Counties agent Jamie Tulak effectively captures this emotion in her client appreciation videos.  The more a video captures the emotional experience of the clients the better.

Mike & Annette Bixler use a Humorous Testimonial

5.   Provide Beneficial Industry Information

In the continuous effort to systematically contact prospective clients, it is helpful to breakup the monotony by providing them with something of benefit to make them more receptive to future communications.  One of the most useful ways for agents to market themselves while providing benefit is to provide relevant content that is related to the agent's business.

Jillian Bos Interviews a Loan Officer about the Mortgage
Process in Jillian's "Shop Talk" video series

For Realtors looking to take maximum advantage of the benefits that utilizing video has to offer, it is advisable to also create a YouTube Channel.  Now that Google has purchased YouTube, setting up and maintaining a channel has never been easier. 
The implementation of video clearly enables agents to brand their businesses, increase online presence, offer greater service to clients and provide benefit to prospective clients.  More importantly, video enables real estate agents to be innovative, dynamic and have fun on the job!
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