New Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Every school of real estate productivity teaches that increasing sales is a numbers game.  Specifically, the more times that an agent can touch or contact people in his or her sphere of influence increases the likelihood that those same people will utilize the agent's services when it comes time to buy or sell property.  Because an agent can only make so many phone calls, knock on so many doors, and mail out so many brochures, technology has opened up an opportunity to increase the number of contacts an agents makes without running the risk of being served with a temporary restraining order.  

This is not to say that traditional methods of lead generation should be abandoned.  Instead, most top producing real estate agents in the country are now simply adding social media and other forms of technology as just another layer to their regular lead generation systems.  For example, an increasing number of  . . . 

. . . high-volume agents are branching out their reach across a wide array of social media sites and tying them together with a bio page on an About.Me website.  This simple and free site allows visitors to quickly learn about the agent and also link to any of the agent's other web pages and social media sites.  Remember, its this linking to and from sites that matters most to Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs), and an About.Me page is a great way to increase activity and get more attention from SEOs.    

From here a visitor may then link to the agent's very own YouTube Channel to further witness the agent's technological prowess in utilizing video marketing.  A YouTube Channel is also free and provides an entertaining way for agents to show prospective clients their innovative marketing methods.  Many top producers like Keller Williams Realty agent Ben Kinney are utilizing animated videoscomputer generated videos, and  funny testimonial advertisements purchased for a nominal $5 with little time or effort expended on Fiverr.Com.  

Hopefully these quick tech tips will help you add another layer to your lead generation efforts while having a little fun at the same time. Remember that if you are still clinging to the erroneous belief that social media and technology will not improve your real estate production, the tech-savvy agent competing for the same listing will most certainly be explaining to your would-be sellers how they will be implementing technology to market their home instead.