All you Need to Know to Sell 100 Homes this Year

It's called the 80/20 principle. Only 20% of the agents do 80% of the business. Many argue that a 90/10 principle is more appropriate since an even smaller percentage of agents seem to be capturing an increasing amount of the available clients.  To many agents the prospect of achieving success in the real estate industry might seem daunting, if not impossible, when considering this concept.  Consequently, a large number of agents fall into the trap of endlessly researching and exploring for new ways to generate a clientele.
One might be surprised to learn that most of the top producing agents are not using magic pills to generate large production numbers. In fact, high volume sellers typically focus on traditional forms of lead generation.  The difference is that top agents stick with it on a daily basis and don't give up when the results aren't immediately forthcoming.  They focus on the effort and don't worry about the immediate outcome. They trust in the activity with the understanding that it will eventually lead to results. One the nation's top producing agents that sold 453 units in 2011 who also happens to work in my office, Kevin Blain, puts it best with "You don't have to like the activity, you just have to like the results."

I was able to witness this point firsthand in one of our company's recent sales meetings when I hosted a panel of some of our top agents and asked them what they do on a regular basis to generate business:  KWR Tulare & Kings Counties Top Producer Lead Generation Panel.  Understand that the combined sales production of the agents featured in this video (Kevin Blain, Barbara Summers, Kimmy Bernard & Lino Pimentel) generated well over 700 units sold in 2011.  These agents know what they're doing, and its not rocket science.

They don't do anything earth-shattering or overly innovative, they are just doing it regularly and systematically. They understand that sticking with a tested model that works is more important than unproductively searching for that elusive business elixer.  So what do you already know how to do that you aren't doing?