3 New Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents

Although social media and technology have received a recent surge of popularity within the real estate industry, the need to continuously learn new tools while managing every day business has left many Realtors somewhat befuddled and frustrated with these cyber advancements.  In an attempt to help mitigate this agent anxiety, the following 3 new technology tools are intended to help Realtors expand their business and save time.

1)  Photosynth

Microsoft's free mobile application Photosynth is a great, free tool you can use to create virtual property tours in seconds while on the go.  Also available as a desktop application.


2)  Everplaces

Everplaces is a free location sharing application that real estate agents can use to build their brand and establish themselves as the local area experts of choice.


Real estate agents tired of continuously monitoring activity on various social media networks and websites will love IFTTT or "If This, Then That."  IFTTT  simplifies an agent's online world by automating social media sites and digital tools.
A big thank you to the Keller Williams Realty Technology team for creating these short videos to help real estate agents everywhere.