How to get Hyperlocal with Social Media

Real estate agents are quickly learning that getting "hyperlocal" online and through social media gets them results.  Hyperlocal marketing may be a new buzz word, but it is actually a very traditional method of marketing.  Yet now that the internet and social media have provided cost effective means for agents to reach out to their clients, spheres of influence and the general public, real estate professionals are becoming increasingly effective and creative in utilizing technology to market to micro areas.

I have the privilege of operating a very dynamic real estate company with many agents that love to continuously push the limits of hyperlocal marketing innovation.  Let's examine some of the fundamental hyperlocal principles they follow and techniques they implement.

Local Knowledge

Just as a truly local business must have local knowledge, real estate agents must do the same.  As the old adage goes: "The 3 most important things in real estate are location, location, location."   So agents must show that they are experts in their particular locations.  Experts that understand the subtle differences between neighborhoods, school districts, community events, organizations and local people.  Top producing agent Jillian Bos demonstrates her local knowledge in the following video:

Real estate agents should demonstrate that they are involved and familiar with their community; connected to the thread that runs through the local society.  These professionals show that they possess the valuable information, expertise and understanding that clients are looking for.

Creative Marketing Methods

Although many traditional agents are correct in claiming that homes generally sell off a sign in the yard or by placing a listing in the multiple listing service, the public simply wants more than that when their own wants and needs are on the line.  Agents that display innovative techniques that market homes, themselves, or the local community set themselves apart from the masses vying for business.

These marketing efforts continuously keep the agent in the mind of the prospective client and demonstrate that the agent will use a higher level of diligence and creativity in marketing a home for sale.

Provide Something of Benefit

Real estate professionals are continuously faced with the task of repeatedly engaging the public without wearing them out from a never-ending barrage of dull marketing pieces.  Successful agents utilize content marketing to provide relevant solutions and benefit to their audiences.

It's Friday...hooray!  Wind down with the "Lavender Ghost"...
2 oz Dry Gin (we like Plymouth)
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Combine the ingredients, shake with ice, 
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As many top producing agents have learned, if you demonstrate that you can effectively market yourself, your services and your community, you will quickly receive many opportunities to market homes for sale.